Games Workshop Price Rises

Games Workshop have stated that price rises are very likely in June 2010. However, as to what range it is not yet confirmed.

The last price rises were blister packs and the LOTR range, so they should be safe for now.

The Citadel pant pots are changing style again to match the washes range. This could be seen by Games Workshop as the perfect opportunity to raise paint pot prices.

Chaos Legions?

The Chaos Havocs boxed set just became a Games Workshop direct only product. Does this herald the beginning of a new range of plastics for the much rumoured Codex Chaos Legions? I really hope so.

Or am I just wishful thinking?

How much longer will the mighty Lord Korrak have to wait?!

Bring on the Deathguard!

New Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Games Workshop announced over the weekend that  a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles will be out in July.

Warhammer 8th edition

We had heard the rumours that Warhammer was having a revamp, but to be honest I did not think it would be out until next year.

There is still a chance that the release will be  an update for 7th rather than a full 8th edition, as this is what occurred to the 4th edition of 40k. A pdf was released with the update and the front cover altered so people knew they were purchasing the latest version of 4th.

Rules Rumours!

The first two ranks of infantry units will be able to fight in combat

Rank bonuses will be available for the first four ranks rather than three

Magic is having a complete overhaul – Magic levels add to your casting score.

The number of power/dispel dice generated are calculated by rolling 2d6. The highest score is the power dice for the casting army and the lower dice is the amount of dispel dice generated. 

New Orcs & Goblins

I have been looking at the New Orcs & Goblins advanced orders from Games Workshop and they are very nice indeed. However, I have an early word of warning for the River Trolls. Apparently you need to glue their tongues in before you stick the rest of the head together.

Games Workshop River Trolls

The New Orcs & Goblins advance orders will be on the Gifts For Geeks site by the end of today.