Alastair Rees Inspects The MTG Magic Card Market #1

Price Recap

Lets talk Fetches:

Zendikar fetches are trending on a downward slope, with both Scalding Tarn and Misty Rainforest dropping to £35 each, along with Verdant Catacombs and Arid Mesa down at £24. Arid mesa brings up the rear at a mere £18.

The Khans fetches are also on a dipping trend but the changes aren’t quite as noticeable. The blue lands being hit the hardest with Polluted Delta now at £14.99 and Flooded Strand at £13.49; a fair way from their £20 and £18 débuts. Wooded Foothills and Windswept Heath have both ever so slightly nudged down to £11.49. To drop it all off Bloodstained Mire hits £10.49.

khans tarkir lands

As far as the shinys are concerned both Foothills and Heath stayed level at £37.50, and Bloodstained Mire dropped down to £30 for a foil copy. However the rich get richer with both Foil Delta and Foil Strand going up to £59.99 and 49.99 respectively.

Fall Out PTKoT:

After the price hike due to Pro Tour performances last weekend (won by Ari Lax with Abzan Midrange) things have started to settle down again. From the winning deck itself Siege Rhino, Wingmate Roc, Sorin Solemn Visitor have levelled back out now. The Big Rhino settling at £6.99, Wingmate at £13.99, and Sorin solemnly sitting at £19.99

The Dimir control decks played successfully by the likes of Ivan Floch, Stanislav Cifca and Andrew Cuneo featured Pearl Lake Ancient, Prognostic Sphinx, Perilous Vault and Dig Through Time. Vault and Dig seem to be the best control cards in the format for the time being, with Vault coming in at £6.99 and Dig at £11.99 holding their price. Prog Sphinx, which has been sat as a £1 rare for a long time is creeping up a little weighing in at £1.99 for the meanwhile with a reasonable chance to go up if it keeps seeing success. Lastly Pearl Lake Ancient has fallen from favour back down to £3.49

Other Movers and Shakers

A few other notable cards have shifted. Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker himself is down to £26.99, Jeskai Ascendancy after all the hype its got in modern and its Top 8 finish in standard at thePro Tour is down at £4.49. Anafenza, after being featured in successful Abzhan aggro decks has settled at £7.99 for the time being. It is not a great week for some of the other Kahns though; Sidisi down at £5.99, and Surrak Dragonclaw at £3.99.

Lastly, after seeing some success over the opening few weeks and being used by a few high profile players at the Pro Tour (not to any spectacular finishes) the green devotion crew are also on the long list of cards to be hit this week. Rattcleclaw Mystic is now at £4.49 after spiking up to £7, and Hooded Hydra has dipped down to £3.49. See the Unwritten the only winner here rising up to £4.49.

Goblin Rabblemaster seems to slowly be falling out of favour; several teams choosing not to play it in their Jeskai decks. I would not be suprised to see this guy stumble a bit from his hefty £17.99 price tag.

That’s about it for this week and its not a lot to brag about with drops all across the board. Not a great week for the standard stock market, maybe we’ll get some shake ups this weekend. Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and I’ll see you next week.

Alastair –

Rees is a magic expert, but sadly also a magiciser; he can never commit to one deck. Maybe one day he will settle down.

Grey Knights and Orcs & Goblins Rumours

After the Blood Angels Second Wave is in next week there are two very interesting Games Workshop launches coming  up, Orcs and Goblins in February / March and Grey Knights (Pictured above) in late March / April.

So far the only facts we have is there is a new Orc Boys boxed set coming out and the Stormraven will be a part of the Grey Knight Codex.

Rumours are aplenty, the most realistic ones are as follows.

Orcs and Goblins;

  • Giant plastic Spider that can be used as a rare choice or Mount
  • New special character
  • Savage Orcs boys in plastic
  • Hardback army book

Grey Knights may get the following;

  • Chapter Master Special character with twin lighting claws
  • Jump Packs
  • Terminators as troops with 2 wounds and 4+ invulnerable
  • New Grey Knight (Daemonhunters) Codex in a hardback format.

Will post again  when  I know more!

Internet Ninja Action

Normally I’m not one to take notice of the Gaming Rumour mill (unless its first hand information supplied by a reliable source) but one of the regulars told me to check out one of the numerous gaming news sites and well I found this!

Now in recent years whatever tiff Games Workshop and Forge World may have had has been put to bed and they have worked on some truly awesome stuff mostly for Apocalypse, we have also seen collaborations on up and coming projects form them in the past and this Centipede of Doom may well herald the coming of a new Necron Codex!

With the recent official announcement of the New Dark Eldar being unleashed after years languishing in the web way, now I was lucky enough to know some one in the know and I have been told a fair amount about the dark kin and the table tops are in for some pillaging!

Ask anyone I am not a big fan of the Orc’s, they have in the past been the silly alien race brought out to be laughed at during the intergalactic shin digs but in recent years that have received some what of a fluff face lift – they have gone from comedy to viable threat.

The miniatures followed suit, gone are the giant hands and silly looking contraptions, replaced with vicious power claws, choppers, fits and firearms. Buggies, Tracks, War Trucks! The list is endless and deadly and now added to it is this pretty awesome looking Grot Tank!

That’s all from me today, watch out I might be stealing news from your website next!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord

Whispers from the Warp, Nemesis and General Ranting

Whispers from the Warp

Some time ago now the team began hearing odd noises from the packing office when no one was there, things started to go missing and then reappearing in odd places, voices in empty rooms and whispers carried on the cold air.

These voices told us of a sundering of the veil, a time when brother will slay brother and the galaxy will burn, a time when the Old War will return and the Dark Crusades will ravage the galaxy we know.

That the Codex Chaos Legions would bring the fury of the fallen Astartes to the table top along side their little cousins represented in the Codex Chaos (to be renamed Renegades) book.

Now As with all rumours I hear from these ghostly sources I take it with a pinch of salt, the phantom spoke of new plastic Havoc squads (recently introduced to the sales lists), plastic Dreadnoughts, plastic cult trooper and brand new mini’s complete with Legion Specific iconography!

So with some of these rumours already ringing true and with Forge Worlds recent announcement of the Badab War book I can see a greater scheme at work behind these releases beyond simple coincidence.

Forge World revealed these bad boys!

Now they say they are up grades to make space assault marines…..I’m not so sure. They look a lot like one of my favourite Legions, namely The Iron Warriors!

Ok so I know they have Imperial symbols on them, but it’s not too much of a leap of the imagination that there’s another sculpt with the Iron Skull  icon of the traitor legion and the ill fated Eight pointed star! (Tried to calm down…)

Ok calming down isn’t working! Look at these!

Check out the bobbles of doom on them shoulder pads! I love the Hours Heresy, I probably love my Heresy books more than I love my Mum….Yeah I’ OK with that.

These could easily become Traitor Astartes with some cunning Forge World sculpting or if I am wrong and they aren’t going to release Chaos version, buy them any way!

(Ok, so I might have exaggerated the paranormal activates a little. Odd things do happen but no ghostly apparitions have yet given me insight into future releases…)


Review time!

(This is the first time I’ve done this and hopefully it will go well.)

This is the latest of the Heresy Books and like all those that came before it, it is an amazing story in it own right. James Swallow must have spent some time locked in a the deepest darkest chambers at the Black Library as every page of the book is steeped in the dark wonder of a universe at war.

The Warmaster is ready to march on Terra and every World between him and the Emperor is rife with terrified whispers that he is coming to take their world next.

You find yourself getting swept up in this fear permeating every page, even once the heroes have joined the fray there is a oppressive feeling of despair of that no matter what happens the Warmaster is coming and he will win.

Along the way there are some of the most breath taking combat scenes written with such vigour that as the fighting intensifies your begin reading faster, it edge of the seat stuff that’s for sure. If there’s one thing wrong with this book is that is too short, that not a bad reflection on the story as by the end of it everything makes sense and is all concluded nicely without having to resort to Deus Ex Machanica – but I just wish the awesomeness didn’t have to end!

(I’d like to point out I had written a much more in depth review but got slapped for revealing too many details, so I have had to leave this at a fan boy rant…my next review will be much better I promise.)

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross

Chaos Legions?

The Chaos Havocs boxed set just became a Games Workshop direct only product. Does this herald the beginning of a new range of plastics for the much rumoured Codex Chaos Legions? I really hope so.

Or am I just wishful thinking?

How much longer will the mighty Lord Korrak have to wait?!

Bring on the Deathguard!