UK Masters

Tyrants – Trial by fire

This weekend saw the shops hardened band of warriors (Okay so we’re not so hardened I actually saw a bunch of flowers make Kurt cry at one point) attend the UK National Warmachine and Hordes Tournament, we had hit the gym reasonable hard in the months previously and in gaming terms every one was in tip top form (Bar me having in the bottom half of our own Blood and Oil tournament early last month).

Where was I? Oh yes hardened band of warriors, well it breaks down like this (in no particular order):

Stefan Ashwell – Trollbloods

Kurtis Emmery – Trollbloods

Paul Brown – Cryx

Chris Horne – Menoth

Dannie Suthalong – Legion of Everblight

Anton Evans – Cryx

Jack Shenton – Legion of Everblight

Ross Knill –  MacArthur – Legion of Everblight (that would be me)

We arrived in Birmingham on the Friday night and began our council of war which in all fairness was pretty much just us sat drinking beer, we had no idea what waited for us the next morning.

Day one began groggily (as I was awoken by my room mate Stef’s epic snoring), we piled into two taxies and charged (as we were more than three inches away) into the Games Expo.

For the majority of the Tyrants the first game was a rude awakening, we lost…I lost!

Anton along with Goreshade and his merry band won their game! We celebrated and with new resolve attacked the next game, the draw came out and every one made their way to their tables to face off against the unknown. All Except me and Stef as he had drawn one another, I wont go into the detail but I lost…stop laughing!

Anton won again! At this point I believe Dannie scored a win as well, we thought maybe that would be the turning point and the Tyrants would make good on their honorific.

Game three, began and ended with me feeling sorry for myself as yet again I lost. I was robbed in all honesty, robbed by a very nice chap with a nice Khador force but still with only his Caster between me and my first victory…stupid Mercenary solo Rineholt and his free shot over ROF…I might ban him from the shop.

It was at this juncture most of the other Tyrant’s grabbed their win, Anton lost unfortunately but with high spirits we made our way to the hotel and so began another night of serious war planning (Okay drinking but between celebrating and commiserating we had good reason), our glorious leader Dustin arrived to offer his support along with our friend Spencer.

The next day began as the first did, I lost again as did several of the others and I was beginning to lose hope as I was sent with a heavy heart to the bottom table. The shock of it was enough to spur me into action, my next opponent sat down and the onslaught began.

Another Khador force, Winterguard Deathstar with Scorcha and two heavies, it was starting to look like I was going to lose again until a little voice in my head said “Man up” with gritted teeth I threw Typhon into the fray and three turns and six sprays later my opponents force was broken, his caster dead and my victory secured!

My last game saw me on the other end of the hall inspiring some hope that I might not get the wooden spoon, my opponent was a nice chap with a Skar led Cryxian force. It took 98mins but I managed another win, his caster died under a avalanche of Nyss longsword as my swordsmen earned their points and a place in the painting queue.

The dust settled and the Tyrants had aquited themselves well, most had more victories than losses, all had had a good time and played the game with a smile and not once did I see or hear any of them act with anything less than complete decorum.

So it came to the awards, safe to say none of us are Uk Masters this year but our every own Anton Evans walked away with Most Sporting!

We all had a great time and we all made our mark on the tournament scene, well I say we all did…Kurt didn’t win a single game…I’ll be having his Tyrant shirt and dice back if he carries on like this.

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross

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