Gifts For Geeks will be giving 5 £50 cash prizes to 5 lucky contest entrants.

To enter our contest all you need to do is submit a Games Workshop model/unit/Vehicle/Monster etc to us and we will give you a raffle ticket per entry.

For the full list of items required please click on the following link or scroll to the end of the article;

3d for site 18/9 update

With your submitted model we will make them fully 3D for our website, so we will need to borrow your models for a couple of days.

To see what your model will look like click on the link below.

To enter the contest your model does not have to be painted, but it can not be converted heavily. If the model is converted it must be very minor.

If you have any questions please contact us at or 0116 2533954

See your model in 3D and a chance to win £50 why not?

Lastly, yes you have full permission to show off your 3d model when it’s published online. Which will be great for your blog or website!

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Check out the Hellbrute from Dark Vengeance in full 3d glory. Follow the link and click on the 3d Hellbrute image to see him in 3D;|games-workshop|warhammer-40000|getting-started/product/908259501/advance-order-warhammer-40-000-dark-vengeance-special-limited-edition/

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The sprues say it all. The best Dark Vengeance is the  Games Workshop starter set yet.

Pick up Dark Vengeance  from Gifts for Geeks ,the home of cheap Warhammer, 40k for only £49.80.

Dark Vengeance Sprue 2

Dark Vengeance Sprue 1


Dark Vengeance Sprue 3


Dark Vengeance Sprue 4

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