Companion Skirmish Figure Case – Now Live on Kickstarter

Companion Skirmish Figure Case

Tabletop Tyrant have designed the Companion due to multiple customers in our retail store requesting a case for skirmish level engagements.

The reason they are asking for funding is to get the high quality materials we need to launch this brand new range.

The Companion will cost £9.99 with your choice of foam, the standard load-out can hold at least 32 models. This comes with 2 infantry trays. Each tray is designed to hold 16 28mm scale models.

Please note any models shown in the trays are for reference only and not included with the case.

The Companion Case is made from high quality, shelf ready packaging style cardboard.  It has an internal corrugated double wall for maximum durability. We have tested these cases and they can really take a knock!  They are as tough if not tougher as any other miniature card carry case on the market.

It has flat surfaces making it easy to stack  and is light, so perfect for younger gamers as well.

 The version of the Companion you will receive is the same as the pictures above except with a glossy black finish and our logo placed top left.


The case come with a red plastic handle and it’s internal dimensions are;

275 mm x 182 mm x 75 mm or  10.86 x 7.16 x 2.95 inches

The external dimensions are;

284 x 210 x 82 mm or 11.18 x 8.26 x 3.22 inches.

Available Trays.

Inside you have 75 mm of space to play with.  You may choose any selection of foam from those listed below as long as they do not go over the 75 mm of internal depth.

Foam Type 1: Standard Infantry

The standard case comes with 2 infantry trays (which are 33mm deep including the glued on base pad) and one 5mm cover tray,

Alternate infantry foam depths including base pads are 35 and 42 mm

28 mm Deep Half Infantry Tray. Insert size 50mm by 34mm
28 mm Deep Half Infantry Tray. Insert size 50mm by 34mm


Foam Type 2: Egg Shell

Egg Shell Foam
Egg Shell Foam

 A classic style of tray made for holding just about anything. Egg Sell trays are 28 mm in depth.


Foam Type 3: Pick and Pluck

Pick and Pluck Foam
Pick and Pluck Foam

Pick and pluck trays provides a segmented pick & pluck tray, 35, 42 and 67 mm deep (including base pad). The “pick and pluck” design allows you to fit in a variety of models and is perfect for odd shaped models.

Pick and Pluck Foam Example
Pick and Pluck Foam Example



Foam Type 4: X-Wing Miniature Trays

Foam trays specially made for the X-Wing miniature game standard size fighters. This includes but is not exclusive to X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings, TIE Fighters, TIE Bombers, TIE Interceptors, TIE Defenders and other similar sized fighters.

Holds 9 Fighters including bases and has space for tokens and dials. 46 mm deep including base tray.

Foam Tray For X-Wing Fighters
Foam Tray For X-Wing Fighters








Below is a video we made about the foam tray making process and our finalised rewards and stretch goals.

Project Stretch Goals

In addition to the original four tray types, we have designs for another 20 trays that will not only fit into the Companion Case, but all of our other cases as well.

For every £1000 raised over the initial £1000 we will add another tray design to your available foam until all of our designs are commissioned.

tray list




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