The New Plastic Squire Case Arrives

After 8 months of development and testing Tabletop Tyrant’s latest case has arrived;

squire Army figure case 1

squire Army figure case  2

squire Army figure case  3

Firstly the Squire Figure Case  is only £19.99 INCLUDING your choice of foam.

You can build the foam load-out to suit you for no extra cost, just like all of our other cases;


The standard loadout for this case is 4 infantry trays, but you can change that to other types of foam if you wish.

It is a lightweight and durable black plastic case with a bottom reinforced surface for extra protection for your miniatures.

The handle can take weights up to 10kg.

Water resistant and specially designed to fit G.W. foam trays as well as the Tabletop Tyrant range of trays.

The case comes with plastic clips and handle. the front of the case opens outwards so that it is easier to reach your models.

Dimensions are 15 x 12x 6 inch (38 x 30 x 15 cm)

So why not treat yourself to a new case for less than £20.00?

Go on your models deserve it!