Games Workshop Price Rise 2012

Games Workshop have just announced a 2012 price increase and it appears to be roughly a 10 – 25% rise across the range. Here are a couple of examples

SPACE MARINE RHINO £22.50 £20.50

So if you would like to benefit from the lower RRP at Gifts For Geeks you have until Thursday 31st May 2012. For a full list of changes see the list document at the bottom of this post.

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full new Games Workshop price list

Flames of War – Operation Market Garden!

‎30/5/2012 Operation Market Garden Begins!

This will be a 5 week Late War campaign using the Flames of War Firestorm rules

All you need is  1000 points to play. However, the rules let the combatants decide if they would like to play larger or smaller engagements. 

Battles can be played whenever and wherever so if you play outside the store simply email us at with the result. Every Wednesday Dustin, Kurt and a bunch of other Commanders will be down the store scraping it out. There will also be a couple of Sunday Games days, dates to be announced. 

For more information on how it all works ask Dustin. The firestorm rules look great. Here are a few highlights;

Reinforcements ranging from infantry squads to 4 shermans and a firefly (or a Kingtiger if you are German) coming to your aid. 

Supply Lines- keep them clear of the enemy or you can find yourself losing 20% of your army 

Themed battlefields

Allied Air superiority!

Poor allied intelligence. Monty and his men believed there was only one reluctant reserve division defending Holland. This information was correct 7 days earlier, but by the time the allies launched Operation Market Garden the Germans had 7 divisions including 2 elite SS and 200 armored units. 

Lastly I am looking for an allied General to be in charge of reinforcements and general strategy. Any takers? You do not have to be present every week, but 3 out of 5 at least.

Warmachine & Hordes Releases for May June

Just a quick post to list the Warmachine and Hordes releases for May and June. The prices below are full RRP before our discounts.


9th MAY 2012
UNIT BOX 41101 Mercenary Horgenhold Forge Guard (10)    REPACK  (WAS 41067  68) 42.95
PLASTIC 34077 Cryx Desecrator Harrower Leviathan (1)    PLASTIC  (34026  34039) 25.75
PLASTIC 71057 Trollblood Battlegroup Starter (4) inc. Quick Start Rules   PLASTIC 34.95
PLASTIC 72056 Circle Battlegroup Starter (4)  inc. Quick Start Rules   PLASTIC 34.95
PLASTIC 73056 Legion Battlegroup Starter (6)  inc. Quick Start Rules   PLASTIC 34.95
23rd MAY 2012
PLASTIC 74056 Skorne Battlegroup Starter (4)  Inc. Quick Start Rules   PLASTIC 34.95
PLASTIC 74057 Skorne Cannoneer Gladiator Sentry (1)  PLASTIC  (was 74007  08  46) 25.75
PLASTIC 74060 Skorne Ligh Warbeast Cyclops Raider (1)    PLASTIC 14.95
PLASTIC 74064 Skorne Siege Animantarax Battle Engine    & RESIN 68.75
99099 War Torn Alliance Thornwood League Kit 18.00
99100 War Torn Alliance Thornwood Reinforcement Kit 5.50
NQ42 No Quarter Magazine #42 MAY 2012 3.95
13th JUNE 2012
UNIT BOX 75034 Minions Heavy Warbeast Road Hog 31.95
BLISTER 31093 Cygnar Epic Artificer General Nemo & Storm Chaser Caitlin Finch (2) 14.95
BLISTER 73063 Legion Everblight Captain Farilor & Std Blighted Nyss Lenionnaire (2) 14.95
PLASTIC 31050 Cygnar Stormwall Colossal Metal & Resin (5) 97.75
60005 Infernal Contraption 2nd Edition  Rules & 170 Cards 16.95

They will be online and available to advance order today.