Cassino – Final Combat Day Sunday 18/3/12

After weeks of hard battle, bloodshed and over 30 different engagements the fate of Cassino hangs in the balance.

The score stands at 10 – 7 to the Axis, but there are 6 points up for grabs on the last day.

Will the Axis secure a Major Victory against the Allies halting their advance or will the Allies turn it around and land a tactical victory against the Wehrmacht? It all hangs in the balance.

Panzers Schnell
Hitler, sensing victory, orders his Panthers forward

The final battle will be split into 3 theatres. Bring your Ace, his company and anything else you have. We will field as much as reasonably possible!

The Axis and Allies will also have High Commanders that will have access to reserves, bombardments and Aircraft.

Doors open at 10.30. Games begins at 11.15 am

Good luck Captains!

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