Merry Christmas!

Ho, ho, ho, merry Gutsmas to you all!

While we have been busy dispatching a lot of companies have been introducing new products. So here’s a quick run-down of what you may have missed.

Scibor’s Sci-fi Templars arrived along with conversion kits, quirky Christmas Ogres and some random ornaments.

Tonnes of new Dystopian Wars products came as each faction received a heavy flyer, corvettes and gunships.


The complete 15mm Zveda range arrived. Their models are only £2.75 and if you buy 10 you get one free.

Plastic Panzer IIIs and Stugs arrived from the Plastic Soldier Company.

2 new books arrived from Flames, Red Bear and Grey Wolf. They cover the late war period from a Soviet or German perspective respectively.

Lastly coming in later this week are new Privateer Press goodies including the the Circle Fulcrum and plastic Shocktroopers.

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