Grey Knights and Orcs & Goblins Rumours

After the Blood Angels Second Wave is in next week there are two very interesting Games Workshop launches coming  up, Orcs and Goblins in February / March and Grey Knights (Pictured above) in late March / April.

So far the only facts we have is there is a new Orc Boys boxed set coming out and the Stormraven will be a part of the Grey Knight Codex.

Rumours are aplenty, the most realistic ones are as follows.

Orcs and Goblins;

  • Giant plastic Spider that can be used as a rare choice or Mount
  • New special character
  • Savage Orcs boys in plastic
  • Hardback army book

Grey Knights may get the following;

  • Chapter Master Special character with twin lighting claws
  • Jump Packs
  • Terminators as troops with 2 wounds and 4+ invulnerable
  • New Grey Knight (Daemonhunters) Codex in a hardback format.

Will post again  when  I know more!

New Stuff!

No Quarter 34 is in, but sadly no sign of the new blisters yet. They should, hopefully, be in before the end of the week.

The fabulously funky Sodapop miniatures range is now in store and will be on the Gifts For Geeks website next week.

Along with the above we have also a Dystopian Wars restock, a hero basing kit from Army Painter, a new Dark Angels Green Undercoat Spray, MIG Starter Sets and Operation Squad, a skirmish level rule set for 28mm World War 2 models.

My only issue with Operation Squad is Wehrmacht or Brits?!

Lastly the Blood Angels second wave will be in stock next week.

Blood Angels Second Wave Confirmed

Storm Raven and Librarian Dreadnought on the way!

White Dwarf 373 Has confirmed the Blood Angels Second Wave is the next 40k Release. The Blood Angels second wave will undoubtedly contain the Storm Raven which was leaked on the web before Christmas (see picture below). Other than a Furioso /Liberian Dreadnought and The Storm Raven I am not sure what else the second wave will contain other than maybe a few new blisters. Not the largest release wave, but I’m sure Blood Angels Fans will be happy!

Is it just me or does the Storm Raven look straight out of a 1980s Platformer? Although it does look like a Marine designed it!