The Colours of Chaos & Kill Teams take over

Another hectic week begins at Gifts HQ. The last few days of November has brought an early snow to our grey streets, the team has a sweepstake running concerning how many times our Dispatch Team Leader Jack will fall on the ice this year (He fell seven times last year in one walk home so I think my bet of 40-50 will pan out!) but its not all fun and games the Christmas rush has started early (I think it took the lead from the snow).

So not only are we running the risk of being buried by the snow, our packing team are living in constant fear of a box avalanche out back as the orders pile up before collection (our Postie did not look pleased with the mountain of packages, envelopes and letters he collected today – but three trips up and down the stairs will work off the mince pies).

Yet against this chaotic white back drop of snowy doom! Out regulars have been whipped into a frenzy by our home grown kill team rules (see the Tyrant Blog for more information and rules) , I’ve even been swept up by the excitement.

As far as building my Kill Team, I’ve got a half converted Terminator who will play the role of my leader and the nascent germ of my colour scheme bubbling away in the back of my mind. Dustin (Our glorious leader) has gotten a massive head start of me with most of his boys painted, included a Rattling sniper which he picked up last week!

Now I must get back to whipping the packing team, until we next speak take care on the ice and beware the winter daemons hiding in the shadows!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord

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