The Colours of Chaos & Kill Teams take over

Another hectic week begins at Gifts HQ. The last few days of November has brought an early snow to our grey streets, the team has a sweepstake running concerning how many times our Dispatch Team Leader Jack will fall on the ice this year (He fell seven times last year in one walk home so I think my bet of 40-50 will pan out!) but its not all fun and games the Christmas rush has started early (I think it took the lead from the snow).

So not only are we running the risk of being buried by the snow, our packing team are living in constant fear of a box avalanche out back as the orders pile up before collection (our Postie did not look pleased with the mountain of packages, envelopes and letters he collected today – but three trips up and down the stairs will work off the mince pies).

Yet against this chaotic white back drop of snowy doom! Out regulars have been whipped into a frenzy by our home grown kill team rules (see the Tyrant Blog for more information and rules) , I’ve even been swept up by the excitement.

As far as building my Kill Team, I’ve got a half converted Terminator who will play the role of my leader and the nascent germ of my colour scheme bubbling away in the back of my mind. Dustin (Our glorious leader) has gotten a massive head start of me with most of his boys painted, included a Rattling sniper which he picked up last week!

Now I must get back to whipping the packing team, until we next speak take care on the ice and beware the winter daemons hiding in the shadows!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord

Treachery to turn the heart black.

It has been some time since my last post. Fear not the predations of the numerous Warp entities and Dark monstrosities that beset our packing office (It is a fearful place! One to which we have lost more than one valiant staff member), I have instead been sealed in the bunker furiously working to get the Dark Eldar advanced orders, Privateer Press releases and pre-Christmas-rush rush all done and dusted before the winter clad descend and coat our land in a snowy blanket of doom!

I have painted a dreary picture but I have had some fun in recent weeks, all fun and no play makes Ross a very cranky Shop Manager and to stop yet more staff losses (The office accounted for three more innocent souls in recent days) I have been allowed to play some games.

Beside the normal Privateer Press Hordes throw downs I have been playing some of the cool Warhammer 40k games, I love my Chaos (the evil spirits in the office have nothing to do with me… don’t call the Inquisition!) and some talk of a home brew Kill Team campaign combined with the 40k loving has spurred me on to make some more character full and awesome looking Space Marine characters.

So I began trawling the internet for some bits and bobs and upon my travels I discovered these beauties!

Forge World have started showing off the new miniatures from the forthcoming War for Badab II book and if I’m honest they are beauties.

The seriously cool models did indeed cause me to swerve onto a tangent as I began to read the 1st Badab Book and plumbing its depths for more inspiration, combine this information with the information in the Chaos Codex and the soon to be release Blood Reaver novel by Aaron Demski-Bowden (Red Corsairs and Night Lords attacking and destroying a loyalist Space Marine Chapter) congealed into plans to build a small Night Lord warband from which I will build a new army to fight alongside my renegades!

As the campaign begins in the New Year I’ve got plenty of time so get them built and painted! Keep your eyes peeled for when you next see me I will be almost certainly be Midnight Clad!

Ave Dominous Nox!

Penned by Ross Your Glorious Overlord and Dark Son of Nostramo

(Disclaimer – Our packing office is not a haunted soul hungry pit of daemonic evil and no staff members were harmed in the making of this blog entry)

Research and Development

Well we have reached the conclusion to our design a Star Ship contest, we had some really good entrance and some completely awesome back grounds and concepts to back up the miniatures.

But in the end we had to have only one winner!

I looked through the entreaties, read their accompanying back grounds and stories and made my decision.

Here are the top three!

In the blue (looking rather spiky) is Dustin’s (our lord and master) entry, a very cool concept here with an alien intelligence taking control of a Terran research ship and after millennia of dormancy its core directive of seek and destroy reactivates! A very original and well rounded idea and well deserving of a top spot.

In the grey is John’s (Our resident Warpwolf) entry, a close support combat carrier with the high tech targeting hard wear that enables it to support its clutch of fighters with pin point supporting fire. A powerful and well thought out ship with some very nice character full rules also deserving of a mention.

Lastly in the Green (the winner!) is Gareth’s Capitol ship! One of only two built and designed by a space dwelling race of nomads, classified as a Tiger Sun Battle ship its short range brutal broad sides designed to cripple ship for later salvage this ship is a well rounded killing machine.

Not content on simply thinking up a single ship, Gareth built an entire fleet with back ground for each ship class! Naming conventions! And race back ground for the nomadic pirates!

So Congratulations to Gareth! I’m looking forward to seeing them on the table top (just not against my Sorylian’s!)

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord and Fleet Commander.