The crucible of war.

Banks of thick smoke band the churned muddy expanse that has become no mans land, this unassuming stretch of shattered farmlands now more little then a sodden graveyard yet the order has come down.

‘Take it, no matter the cost’

The roar of guns fills the air as you order the advance, cannons roar as the phalanx of Defender Warjacks unleash their wrath at the controlled direction of one of your sibling Warcaster elite. Howl of ear shattering pain and anger split the air as the shells explode amid the fog blasting patches of clear air with their over pressure, this enemy was not a conventional one, this enemy defied all explanation.

A scream rang out from the front lines as a group of Trenchers exploded into little more than a lingering cloud of ash, something huge stirred in the murk, easily the size of a Warjack the shadow burst from the smog with unnatural speed. Looming over the remains of the Trenchers the beast unleashed a stream of burning embers that immolated the brave warriors.

‘Fall back’ the order came from the lines but as he drew the arcane blade sheathed across his back and infused his attendant Charger to open up on the looming beast he knew it was too late.

Opening its jaws the blighted beast issued forth a tumultuous bellow, that to his ears rang with the screams of his dying men and too his shame his own voice joined the chorus of terror.

Summoning an arcane shield about himself the scream transmuting into a bellowed war cry he charged the beast, behind the beast resolved a horde of inhuman shapes. He swung his blade but the stick never landed as his world turned black with burning ashes, the battle was lost as the Draconic Legion swarmed along the lines. Behind them in the swirling fog, smaller beasts gorged themselves on the Khadorian dead, each died with wounds opened in their backs not single soldier had seen it coming.


A week.

Seven days.

One hundred and sixty eight hours.

That is the amount of time that stands between you and the hardest fight of your life.

On the 6th of November The Blood and Oil Nationals kick off in Leicester, but fear not we have a handful of tickets left so if your fast and have the skills to pit your tactical acumen against the Nations best – Bring it.

We have a huge host of prizes, including these beasts!

Best painted will see those with the skills rewarded, the unpainted raffle will see the owner of the lucky box fresh force get all the elements to paint his warriors in the livery of their faction!

So get them while they last –

Remember Play like you have a pair and face the fiercest contest this side of the Masters, revel in victory or drown in Blood and Oil!

Penned by Ross Your Glorious Overlord and Warcaster General – 12th Mercenary Regiment ‘The Tyrants’

Walking the Dark Path.

*queue dramatic music*

I have long walked the fine line between good and evil, the first Army I ever collected was the enigmatic and sinister Dark Angels. My second was as I spoke about in my last miniature related blog was the Eldar, a doomed race on the brink of extinction fighting against a predatory galaxy filled with the uncheck savagery of the younger races.

With age this predisposition towards the darkness has grown, it happened slowly over time but now there is no questioning the malice that resides in my Gaming soul. Gone are my Dark Angels (shelved) in favour of my Chaos legion of Night Lords, the Eldar so desperately fighting to survive have been replaced with the Dark Eldar with no greater compulsion than to end innocent lives!

This is another blog about the Dark Eldar and the umbral darkness contained within the codex. I have had a chance to read through the cursed tome and it holds a host of new fiction that only serves to make the scions of Commorragh a more enticing prospect.

Gone are the silly uber spiky pieces of armour in favour of a razor edged aesthetic, gone are the clunky raiders replaced with a smooth lined sky shark!

So on to the point of my post this week, the miniatures themselves!

Already on our site as Pre-order and released on the 6th

Dark Eldar Kalalite Warriors

Dark Eldar Reavers (Jet bikes)

Dark Eldar Raider

Dark Eldar Lelith Hesperax

Dark Eldar Archon

Dark Eldar Wyches

Dark Eldar Incubi

But keep your eyes peeled for the second wave due in the last week of November!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord

A Challenge….

Warhammer 40K – the reasons we play.

For some it’s the challenge of playing, for others it the love of the miniatures but for me it’s the back ground, the stories behind the characters and the battles they fight. The biggest part of the hobby for me is the fluff, (the story) I aspire to write for the Black Library so a large chunk of my time is spent imagining the war torn future and making it come alive on the page.

Now I know a lot of other gamers for who the appeal is the same, some are obsessed with the Space Marines and would if they could mould them selves in their image, others are fans of the shadowy Inquisition and the denizens of the ordos.

For me the dystopian future where war is common place and the death of worlds is no more than a drop of water in an ocean of pain, it is in this dark future I set me heroes and villains against one another.

But as my friends and proof readers have noticed my writing seems to centre around the fight between Chaos and the Imperium (what can I say I like Chaos marines!), but this lead to thinking – I’ve spent nigh on two years writing more or less a codex for my home grown Chaos reneged chapter, I have a pile of short stories about them (some of which are finished, one of which is ready for submission).

So the challenge was made, create a Chapter for the store, but whats more think of a color scheme, a home world and write a short story about them….

Gauntlet thrown and taken up!

Introducing the Iron Tyrants!

Over the next three weeks I will be creating a chapter for these valiant few, I will throw them into peril (and I’m not allowed to use Chaos as the bad guy) and if I’m feeling charitable have them over come the dastardly threat and win the day!

So keep your eyes peeled and once the short it done please leave your opinions as I am eager for fresh eyes to look over my word-craft.

For the Emperor!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord and First Captain of the Iron Tyrants.

Black Library.

As some of you will know I am a massive fan of the Black Library, they have taken an already hugely in dept and rich dystopia universe where the masses toil beneath the gaze of a dead god with all the compassion and love as a loaded pistol and injected action movie cinematics, sweeping scenes of carnage on a planetary scale!

I fist started collecting nigh on sixteen years ago, back then there was only a handful of novels but these precious few rate amongst my all time favourites. My book collection has grown to encompass two full free standing book shelves, several small shelves in my room and have started to encroach on to my bed side table! A vast amount of time, money and care have gone into my collection, I have read those books many, many times and I can recall the story lines and characters from each one.

Now my thirst of literature doesn’t end with Black Library, my collection of Vampire fiction has laid claim to one of book shelves on its own! Many of the classic titles adorn my shelves, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Bram Stokers Dracula and Steven Kings the Shining – but it is safe to say that the fiction of the Black Library sit happily amongst my top rated.

Amongst the myriad of talented authors working for the Library there are a couple that are truly (in my opinion) out standing.

Mr Dan Abnett – had the great honour of having authored the first book I ever read, oddly it was First and Only.

Even though now Mr Abnett looks back and tell us that his first foray into the 40K Universe was slightly stilted and unrealistic…..

Just let that settle in, he thinks possibly one of the best deputes of the genre is stilted! Unrealistic! Come on Dan I am a massive fan and you probably don’t remember but meeting you at Games Day and shaking your hand made my day! So enough of your self-criticism. Lord knows there already enough people willing to tear holes in the genre without lambasting your own work.

The glorious advance of the Tanith First has been going for three epic story arks and eleven (if memory serves) roller coaster ride books! If your wanting to get into the Black Library fiction scene you should start here!

Yet that is not even the point of my post, I am here once again to review a book.

Having just finished the Space Marine Battles – Hellsreach book and The First Heretic both by Mr Aaron Dembski-Bowden, who is one of the rising starts of the Warhammer tie in genre – Admiration or man crush? You decide.

Hellsreach begins with the on set of the Armageddon war, the world is mere days away from Ork invasion when the Black Templar’s make planet fall, commanded by Reclusiarch  Grimaldus the Hellsreach Crusade makes ready to face the green tide.

The story is one I knew well having taken part in the Summer campaign that determined the worlds fate – but even knowing the story pretty well I was surprised at some of the revelations Mr Dembski-Bowden shocked me with – but as always I am not allowed to spoil them!

What I can say is Aaron Dembski-Bowden is a master of his craft, in the past I have read a lot of Space Marine fiction and although it has all been excellent…well C.S Goto has been burnt from my memory so he doesn’t count. And the one thing I have noticed that although they have been very well written they have all been a tad samey.

When Dembski-Bowden writes a Space Marine he has a different feel to them, a Night Lord is dark, sinister and full of hatred.

A Word Bearer is measured in his anger, he understands his enemies and will use that knowledge to destroy them clinically but when drawn to anger they will ravage worlds to sate their wrath.

Whilst the Black Templar’s anger and hate is raw and savage, marshalled by a code of honour that is millennia old and dedicated to a crusade to bring the Galaxy into the Emperors control. Belligerent and self righteous the Templar’s are loath to defend always pressing forwards always attacking even when it costs them dearly.

He has captured the feel of three very different Chapters / Legions yet he has sacrificed none of the action in doing so, the way they speak and interact with each other does all the work that would have to other wise be dedicated pages of back ground setting text.

(Your rambling….)

Sorry back to the review!

In writing Hellsreach Aaron Dembski-Bowden has set up several sub-plots that end up being just as compelling as the main plot and does so without detracting from the action or the story.

Upon reading the last page I left my heart swell with conflicting emotions, it isn’t often that even my favourite Mr Abnett has inspired this reaction (Normally he send tingles down my spine as something epic is revealed or happens).

This book has everything you want in a book.

Violence – Check

Peril and the threat of doom – Check

Break neck pace action – Check

Epic Quotes – Check

One such quote that doesn’t detract from the story is this awesome line.

“Your request for reinforcements – has been acknowledged”

Pure awesome sauce!

Right before I end up raving about how much I want to meet (and possibly kidnap for talent stealing purposes) Mr Dembski-Bowden I’ll sign off.

Go and buy Hellsreach it is amazing.

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord and Knight of the Hellsreach Crusade.

By Your Word

The latest instalment in the Heresy series has literarily cost me sleep! The story is so enrapturing that hours were spent happily reading whilst the world passed me by, such a page turner is it that I actually missed a meal in favour of reading!

Fear not I made a sandwich later.

Again I have been gagged by the powers that be and I am unable to discuss the pure awesomeness of the Seventeenth Legions first fully fledged foray into the Heresy story!

But I can tell you this, the book is amazing! As with anything offered by Aaron Dembski-Bowden is it well written with an ambiance that pulls you willing or not into the action with the characters. His ability to grab hold of you and hold you until he’s ready to let go is something I have not experienced since I first picked up First and Only by the esteemed Mr Abnett!

There is no doubt in my mind that he will do many great things, I wait with baited breath for Blood Reaver his next instalment in the Night Lords series he is writing but I digress.

First Heretic begins not with the ashes of the Heresy but long before, the story begins and continues with Logar and his Legion at war and does the next to unique thing of showing them at peace as well. Of all the portrayal of Pre-Heresy Astartes this is one of the best since Loken in my opinion.

Have no worries there is Blood and Fire aplenty, as brother fights brother beneath broken skies and the Heresy is revealed from is roots to its revelation!

The book is littered with amazing quotes several of which have made it into my day to day vocabulary, I wont reveal them here but expect to see them used at some point in time.

If you buy no other book this year buy this one, you will not be disappointed.

Heroes fall and Villains rise, all the while you have the distinct feeling that you as the reader are seeing this all happen first hand and you are powerless to intervene! If like me you are 40k player you may well get the feeling that you chose the wrong side!

For now I will return to my Librarium and seal the door, for there is still much to be gleaned from the Book Of Logar.

Penned by Ross Your Glorious Overlord and Chapter Master of the Seventeenth Legion .

Nightmare Born

Well I managed to escape the nightmare city of Commorragh more or less intact….I saw things man, so many things…..

Now I am not normally one to get swept up with the brand new craze but these new Dark Eldar have awoken something dark deep inside my soul. Back in the day I collected a pretty big Ulthèw force, black and bone clad sentinels of the Eldar race destined to guard the Eye of Terror until the end of time.

It was more about the theme for me than the actual rules at the time, as with most things I do its more about the story or feel behind the endeavour than the dice power behind them.

No more a tragic a tale is there than the one of the lamented children of Asuryan, victims of their own decadence and debauchery their hedonistic pursuits awoke She Who Thirsts.

In the great fall the followed billions died instantly their souls consumed to sustain the new born god, while the majority died screaming for the old gods to protect them others took to the Craft Worlds and fled. These monolithic world ships would travel the galaxy, some would fall to the predations of the growing Human Imperium, some would brave the darkness between the stars and hide and yet others would stand and fight.

Where Ulthèw fought to defend the future of their race at the command of the most gifted Farseer’s ever witnessed by their race, Black Guardians stood side by side with Aspect warriors and wraith bone constructs of war – each soul dedicated to altering the twisting paths of fate!

How can anyone not be impressed by this! But it was the darkness that ran through Ulthèw that attracted me, they would commit genocide to tip the balance of the future in their favour. Worlds burned at their hands and invasions changed course at the machinations of the Farseers. I was hooked from then onwards and too some extent I still harbour a soft spot for the Black Guardians of Ulthèw.

But now I fear my soul has been corrupted beyond repair, the warp flows in my veins as my Chaos Legion slowly takes shape – Midnight clad and ready for war. And now! The Dark Children of  Commorragh call out to me a siren to the darkness, slavers, tortures, murderous alien pirates how can I resist!

As the Codex release fast approaches I am considering acquiring a small force no more than 1500points because I know I will not play with them….well not unless the campaign I’m writing for the Phat Katz can be perverted to my dark cause….

This is one soul Slannesh will have a hard time taking as it’s already ensnared by the splendour of the Dark Eldar, I think a fully mounted Jet Bike raider force is called for especially since the miniatures look like this!

From the darkest corner of Commorragh I sign off once again, but watch the shadows my friends lest I catch you unaware and steal your soul to feed She Who Thirsts!

Penned by Ross Your Glorious Overlord Archon of the Iron Tyrants Kabal

The Dark Kin!

For those of you that have not yet heard, the Dark Eldar are being re-released and Emperor enthroned do they look nice! (Not nice like the teddy bears had a picnic, not at all).

So I wandered around the internet for a while and ninja’d you some pictures!

Dark Eldar corsairs and their Raider

What I think is an Incubi but who really knows

New Dark Eldar Lord.

That’s all for now, if I don’t make another Blog update by next week consider my soul snatched away by the scions of Commorragh!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord