Research & Development – Firestorm Armada competition!

That right your eyes do not deceive you, we here at Gifts for Geeks are holding an open competition for all you wonderful people in internet land!

All you need to is grab your Fire Storm Rule Book, flick to the ship design rules at the back of the book and build me a new ship!

You can make a ship of any class, if you want to rule the shipping lanes and put the fear of God into you enemies you could build a Battle Ship to rival the Terran Razorthorn.

Fancy something a bit faster that still packs a nice punch, the cruiser is your friend but will you be able to out design the Ralethoza Swarm Cruiser?

Maybe you prefer to sit behind your own lines and watch your enemies reduced to drifting slag by wave after wave of fighter and bombers? Then build me a Carrier to rival the Directorate Overseer.

Want maximum speed so you can take it to your enemy and be gone before their sensor nets even register your reactor bloom? Build yourself a ship to out pace the furious engine power of the Soyrillian Scythe class!

Now don’t be constrained by the examples I’ve given above, if you want to build a cargo hauler, stealth operations ship, planetary defence platform!

Now down the nitty gritty of the rule, you need to the do the following:-

Design your ships rules (it must be a legal ship made using the Firestorm Armada design rules in the rule book).

Write us a back ground as to what your ship is, who it belongs to, how often it has seen action, anything that takes your fancy just make it cool the cooler it is the longer it will hold my attention.

Build and paint the ship and send us pictures.

More than anything else MAKE IT COOL!

More news to follow, keep your eyes open people!

Penned By Ross Your Glorious Overlord.

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