Platoon Britannica – armed to the teeth with paint brushes

A while ago we at Gifts for Geeks gathered with the leaders of Platoon Britannica to plot to take over the world….ok it was to set up a painting contest – although funnily world domination was mentioned.

So after speaking with the great guys over the PB we set up the competition with the theme of Despair and Decay (you could submit out side of the theme but you would lose points).  They were right on the ball and posted the competition straight up and started poking their user base to get started on their entries.

The months pasted and we here at the G4G HQ opened our inbox to find a message from our counter parts over at Platoon – they had had their submissions in and it was time for judging!

We decided early on the beginners would have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place up for grabs, whilst the semi-pros would have to compete for one prize!

OK so here we go starting with the Beginners 1st

By Ogreninja

2nd place.

By Matt

3rd place.

By Nick

And here we have the winner of the Advanced category.

By Precinctomega

So there we have it!

This is the first of what hopefully will be many sponsored events we will hold over the coming year!

So get out your paint brushes and get practicing!

Penned by Ross Your Glorious Overlord

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