Blood and Oil Uk Nationals

Arcane lightening explodes the ground at your feet as the sound of thunder rings in your ears, but this is no mere storm it is the rumble of furnace and the crash of metal on metal, the stench of death rides on the wind as your numb body is hurled through the smoke laced air.

Landing hard the flare of your power field flashes sun bright, its energies spent protecting your flesh from the iron hard ground, burning flakes of shattered earth rains down upon you as the titanic foot falls of a lumbering giant shakes your aching bones. Voices sound in the distance warped by concussive over pressure ringing in your ears, hands drag you to your feet and groggily you look out across the blasted earth, ruined trenches and burning homesteads.

Gathering all the Arcane might you can muster the cortexes of your battle group burn with new purpose, cannons roar, blades strike with renewed mechanical vigour as the fight is redoubled. To your left a man falls his armour rendered to nothing as ravenous energies devoured his being whole, to your right the oldest Warjack under your control explodes his motorized guts spilling over its armoured legs in a torrent of rapidly rusting cogs.

Soldiers broken and fleeing, Warjack’s ruined and useless you stand and face your own end, power field flaring you make your strand. Frantic seconds pass as blades rebound from the shimmering shield but your power is waning, a spear tares through embedding its self in your shoulder. With a scream more rage than pain another blade reaches out and finds purchase in your thigh, the field collapses and you witness your own doom.

Broken you lay in the dirt, the beating of our heart slowing painfully as life fades away, despite your skill and might your enemies have left you to drown in blood and oil.


November 6th

Write that date down, burn it into your memory.

November 6th is the date of our first National Tournament – The Blood and Oil UK Nationals.

It is an official Privateer Press event and one we hope to make a annual event of the same calibre as the UK Masters, Four 35 point games over the course of the day – lunch provided and a whole host of awesome prizes for grabs including:

Best painted

Best Theme

Most Sporting

As well as many others that will be awarded through out the day.

Tickets for the event are available from our web store and details of places to stay are also available.

So to all you Warcasters and Warlocks out there, come hard! Play like you have a pair and fight for your lives lest you drown in blood and oil!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord

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