Internet Ninja Action

Normally I’m not one to take notice of the Gaming Rumour mill (unless its first hand information supplied by a reliable source) but one of the regulars told me to check out one of the numerous gaming news sites and well I found this!

Now in recent years whatever tiff Games Workshop and Forge World may have had has been put to bed and they have worked on some truly awesome stuff mostly for Apocalypse, we have also seen collaborations on up and coming projects form them in the past and this Centipede of Doom may well herald the coming of a new Necron Codex!

With the recent official announcement of the New Dark Eldar being unleashed after years languishing in the web way, now I was lucky enough to know some one in the know and I have been told a fair amount about the dark kin and the table tops are in for some pillaging!

Ask anyone I am not a big fan of the Orc’s, they have in the past been the silly alien race brought out to be laughed at during the intergalactic shin digs but in recent years that have received some what of a fluff face lift – they have gone from comedy to viable threat.

The miniatures followed suit, gone are the giant hands and silly looking contraptions, replaced with vicious power claws, choppers, fits and firearms. Buggies, Tracks, War Trucks! The list is endless and deadly and now added to it is this pretty awesome looking Grot Tank!

That’s all from me today, watch out I might be stealing news from your website next!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord

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