There can only be one!

Last week we held a Warmachine and Hordes Highlander tournament, this simply means you are allotted 25 points from which you are allowed only one Warcaster, One Heavy Warjack or Warbeast, One Unit (with UA or WA allowed) and One solo.

The format is pretty easy to play and super fast so we managed to get a whole tournament done and dusted in one evening, the usual suspects were all in attendance, most of whom had been franticly thinking up awesome and filthy mini lists with which to bring the pain.

It all kicked off as our Tyrants faced each other across the stores tables, Stef took Paul out of the game (much to our amusement as he had been gloating about how awesome his list was and how the tournament was more or less in the bag), Will beat Little Lee giving his Skorne a sound beating, Spencer defeated Big Lee and Jack won out over our current Champion Chris (the hornemister general).

So with the defeated Tyrants slinking away to play one another, the second round kicked off.

Lee won out over Stef in a game that came down to one point difference in victory points, Spencer pounded Jack in a Menoth vs Menoth throw down.

It was pretty intense as Will and Spencer sat down for the final, it was a long bloody game that eventually saw Will victorious.

So now we have our Blood and Oil Champion Chris Horne and our Highlander champion Will ‘The Unpronounceable’ both of whom we have high hopes for in Novembers Blood and Oil Nationals.

The Tyrants are in training once again, some of us sporting old war wounds other psyched up by recent victories, but we all know we will have to play like we have a pair, come hard or not at all and always remember there can only be one.

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross

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