Rise of a Tyrant

In 906.M41 the Imperium was shaken by a Heresy not known since the dark days of the renegade Warmaster.

A Chapter Master, a hero dressed in the glory of a thousand wars, regarded with respect and awe by his kin and more than anything else charged with the protection of the Imperium and its population.

But this holy mission is often balanced against the protection of his Chapter, his brothers and the genetic continuation of his Primarch. Such concerns weigh heavily on these Glorious Heroes, but hidden behind the most noble deed lurks the darkest of deceits.

Lufgt Huron was one such individual, he weighed the continuation of his Chapter against the demands of the Imperial Council of Terror – long had the Adptus Mechanicus complained that the Astral Claws had not submitted Gene seed as demanded by the tithe.

Lord Huron argued the Gene seed was pure and his warriors were testament to its strength, the High Council was not to be denied.

As a fleet drew close to demand the tithe, Huron’s oratory won three other Chapters to his cause, the Mantis Warriors, Executioners and Lamenters all believed the Tyrants honeyed lies of independence and sovereignty.

The battle lines were drawn, Brother against Brother in a war fought across an entire Sub Sector.

And now Forge World brings you the opportunity to endure the fires of war!

In this magnificent Tome.

And to go with it some beautiful new miniatures.

Lord Huron before his inglorious fall to Chaos.

Red Scorpion Command Squad and Librarian.

I’m going to take your soul!

I cannot wait for this book, it may well see me buying some more resin!

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross

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