Adeptus Astartes

“They will be my Angels of death, and they shall know no fear” – The Emperor of Mankind.

In the distant future of the forty first millennia there is only war, humanity has spread across the stars united by the glories of the Great Crusade, tempered in the fires of The Great Heresy and reminded of their duty by the Emperors mortal sacrifice the myriad worlds of the Imperium stand resolute in the face of depraved Heretics, malevolence  Daemons and devious Xenos.

Every man of the Imperium must stand ready to defend himself, his neighbours, his family and his world should he called upon to do so. Regiments of fighting men devoted to the Emperor’s service march to war at the command of the High Council of Terra, but these men alone cannot stand in the face of a Galaxy set to destroy the race of men.

When there is no hope, when on all sides your comrades are dying and the enemy advances in legion force, when your last round in your rifle has been ear marked as the reunion rounds – the bullet to take your own life and return you to your comrades at the Emperor’s side and nothing can turn the tide against the vile heretics hell bent on your death.

You pray to the Emperor for divine intervention, for a saviour, for a Space Marine.

Very soon Fantasy Flight will unleash Death Watch RPG, take the mantel of the Black Carapace and don the Power Armour of the ancient Legions.

With all the rapid fire punch of Dark Heresy and the Galaxy Spanning scope of Rogue Trader, Death Watch unleashes all the adrenaline fuelled cinematic heroisms as you charge into a Genestealer or Carnefex bolter howling and chain blade screaming.

Gather your D10’s, your character sheets and steel your nerves, do you have no fear? Are you ready to face The fury of the Ork? The horror of the Tyranid or the cold calculating malice of the Eldar?

“Suffer not the Alien to live” credo Inquisition ordo Xenos

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross

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