Research & Development – Firestorm Armada competition!

That right your eyes do not deceive you, we here at Gifts for Geeks are holding an open competition for all you wonderful people in internet land!

All you need to is grab your Fire Storm Rule Book, flick to the ship design rules at the back of the book and build me a new ship!

You can make a ship of any class, if you want to rule the shipping lanes and put the fear of God into you enemies you could build a Battle Ship to rival the Terran Razorthorn.

Fancy something a bit faster that still packs a nice punch, the cruiser is your friend but will you be able to out design the Ralethoza Swarm Cruiser?

Maybe you prefer to sit behind your own lines and watch your enemies reduced to drifting slag by wave after wave of fighter and bombers? Then build me a Carrier to rival the Directorate Overseer.

Want maximum speed so you can take it to your enemy and be gone before their sensor nets even register your reactor bloom? Build yourself a ship to out pace the furious engine power of the Soyrillian Scythe class!

Now don’t be constrained by the examples I’ve given above, if you want to build a cargo hauler, stealth operations ship, planetary defence platform!

Now down the nitty gritty of the rule, you need to the do the following:-

Design your ships rules (it must be a legal ship made using the Firestorm Armada design rules in the rule book).

Write us a back ground as to what your ship is, who it belongs to, how often it has seen action, anything that takes your fancy just make it cool the cooler it is the longer it will hold my attention.

Build and paint the ship and send us pictures.

More than anything else MAKE IT COOL!

More news to follow, keep your eyes open people!

Penned By Ross Your Glorious Overlord.

Platoon Britannica – armed to the teeth with paint brushes

A while ago we at Gifts for Geeks gathered with the leaders of Platoon Britannica to plot to take over the world….ok it was to set up a painting contest – although funnily world domination was mentioned.

So after speaking with the great guys over the PB we set up the competition with the theme of Despair and Decay (you could submit out side of the theme but you would lose points).  They were right on the ball and posted the competition straight up and started poking their user base to get started on their entries.

The months pasted and we here at the G4G HQ opened our inbox to find a message from our counter parts over at Platoon – they had had their submissions in and it was time for judging!

We decided early on the beginners would have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place up for grabs, whilst the semi-pros would have to compete for one prize!

OK so here we go starting with the Beginners 1st

By Ogreninja

2nd place.

By Matt

3rd place.

By Nick

And here we have the winner of the Advanced category.

By Precinctomega

So there we have it!

This is the first of what hopefully will be many sponsored events we will hold over the coming year!

So get out your paint brushes and get practicing!

Penned by Ross Your Glorious Overlord

Blood and Oil Uk Nationals

Arcane lightening explodes the ground at your feet as the sound of thunder rings in your ears, but this is no mere storm it is the rumble of furnace and the crash of metal on metal, the stench of death rides on the wind as your numb body is hurled through the smoke laced air.

Landing hard the flare of your power field flashes sun bright, its energies spent protecting your flesh from the iron hard ground, burning flakes of shattered earth rains down upon you as the titanic foot falls of a lumbering giant shakes your aching bones. Voices sound in the distance warped by concussive over pressure ringing in your ears, hands drag you to your feet and groggily you look out across the blasted earth, ruined trenches and burning homesteads.

Gathering all the Arcane might you can muster the cortexes of your battle group burn with new purpose, cannons roar, blades strike with renewed mechanical vigour as the fight is redoubled. To your left a man falls his armour rendered to nothing as ravenous energies devoured his being whole, to your right the oldest Warjack under your control explodes his motorized guts spilling over its armoured legs in a torrent of rapidly rusting cogs.

Soldiers broken and fleeing, Warjack’s ruined and useless you stand and face your own end, power field flaring you make your strand. Frantic seconds pass as blades rebound from the shimmering shield but your power is waning, a spear tares through embedding its self in your shoulder. With a scream more rage than pain another blade reaches out and finds purchase in your thigh, the field collapses and you witness your own doom.

Broken you lay in the dirt, the beating of our heart slowing painfully as life fades away, despite your skill and might your enemies have left you to drown in blood and oil.


November 6th

Write that date down, burn it into your memory.

November 6th is the date of our first National Tournament – The Blood and Oil UK Nationals.

It is an official Privateer Press event and one we hope to make a annual event of the same calibre as the UK Masters, Four 35 point games over the course of the day – lunch provided and a whole host of awesome prizes for grabs including:

Best painted

Best Theme

Most Sporting

As well as many others that will be awarded through out the day.

Tickets for the event are available from our web store and details of places to stay are also available.

So to all you Warcasters and Warlocks out there, come hard! Play like you have a pair and fight for your lives lest you drown in blood and oil!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord

Internet Ninja Action

Normally I’m not one to take notice of the Gaming Rumour mill (unless its first hand information supplied by a reliable source) but one of the regulars told me to check out one of the numerous gaming news sites and well I found this!

Now in recent years whatever tiff Games Workshop and Forge World may have had has been put to bed and they have worked on some truly awesome stuff mostly for Apocalypse, we have also seen collaborations on up and coming projects form them in the past and this Centipede of Doom may well herald the coming of a new Necron Codex!

With the recent official announcement of the New Dark Eldar being unleashed after years languishing in the web way, now I was lucky enough to know some one in the know and I have been told a fair amount about the dark kin and the table tops are in for some pillaging!

Ask anyone I am not a big fan of the Orc’s, they have in the past been the silly alien race brought out to be laughed at during the intergalactic shin digs but in recent years that have received some what of a fluff face lift – they have gone from comedy to viable threat.

The miniatures followed suit, gone are the giant hands and silly looking contraptions, replaced with vicious power claws, choppers, fits and firearms. Buggies, Tracks, War Trucks! The list is endless and deadly and now added to it is this pretty awesome looking Grot Tank!

That’s all from me today, watch out I might be stealing news from your website next!

Penned by Ross your Glorious Overlord

There can only be one!

Last week we held a Warmachine and Hordes Highlander tournament, this simply means you are allotted 25 points from which you are allowed only one Warcaster, One Heavy Warjack or Warbeast, One Unit (with UA or WA allowed) and One solo.

The format is pretty easy to play and super fast so we managed to get a whole tournament done and dusted in one evening, the usual suspects were all in attendance, most of whom had been franticly thinking up awesome and filthy mini lists with which to bring the pain.

It all kicked off as our Tyrants faced each other across the stores tables, Stef took Paul out of the game (much to our amusement as he had been gloating about how awesome his list was and how the tournament was more or less in the bag), Will beat Little Lee giving his Skorne a sound beating, Spencer defeated Big Lee and Jack won out over our current Champion Chris (the hornemister general).

So with the defeated Tyrants slinking away to play one another, the second round kicked off.

Lee won out over Stef in a game that came down to one point difference in victory points, Spencer pounded Jack in a Menoth vs Menoth throw down.

It was pretty intense as Will and Spencer sat down for the final, it was a long bloody game that eventually saw Will victorious.

So now we have our Blood and Oil Champion Chris Horne and our Highlander champion Will ‘The Unpronounceable’ both of whom we have high hopes for in Novembers Blood and Oil Nationals.

The Tyrants are in training once again, some of us sporting old war wounds other psyched up by recent victories, but we all know we will have to play like we have a pair, come hard or not at all and always remember there can only be one.

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross

Rise of a Tyrant

In 906.M41 the Imperium was shaken by a Heresy not known since the dark days of the renegade Warmaster.

A Chapter Master, a hero dressed in the glory of a thousand wars, regarded with respect and awe by his kin and more than anything else charged with the protection of the Imperium and its population.

But this holy mission is often balanced against the protection of his Chapter, his brothers and the genetic continuation of his Primarch. Such concerns weigh heavily on these Glorious Heroes, but hidden behind the most noble deed lurks the darkest of deceits.

Lufgt Huron was one such individual, he weighed the continuation of his Chapter against the demands of the Imperial Council of Terror – long had the Adptus Mechanicus complained that the Astral Claws had not submitted Gene seed as demanded by the tithe.

Lord Huron argued the Gene seed was pure and his warriors were testament to its strength, the High Council was not to be denied.

As a fleet drew close to demand the tithe, Huron’s oratory won three other Chapters to his cause, the Mantis Warriors, Executioners and Lamenters all believed the Tyrants honeyed lies of independence and sovereignty.

The battle lines were drawn, Brother against Brother in a war fought across an entire Sub Sector.

And now Forge World brings you the opportunity to endure the fires of war!

In this magnificent Tome.

And to go with it some beautiful new miniatures.

Lord Huron before his inglorious fall to Chaos.

Red Scorpion Command Squad and Librarian.

I’m going to take your soul!

I cannot wait for this book, it may well see me buying some more resin!

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross

A Brotherhood of Warriors

They had journeyed long and far. Bruised, bloodied and battered they continued their march towards an almost forgotten goal.

Now only days away none would speak of it. As if to speak of it would make it disappear.

Their leader studied his sword, sensing the tension around him he paused the march.

After looking looking each one of his band in the eyes he said “No tears for the fallen”, and turned to continue the journey. Soon he thought to himself, a place to call home.

Adeptus Astartes

“They will be my Angels of death, and they shall know no fear” – The Emperor of Mankind.

In the distant future of the forty first millennia there is only war, humanity has spread across the stars united by the glories of the Great Crusade, tempered in the fires of The Great Heresy and reminded of their duty by the Emperors mortal sacrifice the myriad worlds of the Imperium stand resolute in the face of depraved Heretics, malevolence  Daemons and devious Xenos.

Every man of the Imperium must stand ready to defend himself, his neighbours, his family and his world should he called upon to do so. Regiments of fighting men devoted to the Emperor’s service march to war at the command of the High Council of Terra, but these men alone cannot stand in the face of a Galaxy set to destroy the race of men.

When there is no hope, when on all sides your comrades are dying and the enemy advances in legion force, when your last round in your rifle has been ear marked as the reunion rounds – the bullet to take your own life and return you to your comrades at the Emperor’s side and nothing can turn the tide against the vile heretics hell bent on your death.

You pray to the Emperor for divine intervention, for a saviour, for a Space Marine.

Very soon Fantasy Flight will unleash Death Watch RPG, take the mantel of the Black Carapace and don the Power Armour of the ancient Legions.

With all the rapid fire punch of Dark Heresy and the Galaxy Spanning scope of Rogue Trader, Death Watch unleashes all the adrenaline fuelled cinematic heroisms as you charge into a Genestealer or Carnefex bolter howling and chain blade screaming.

Gather your D10’s, your character sheets and steel your nerves, do you have no fear? Are you ready to face The fury of the Ork? The horror of the Tyranid or the cold calculating malice of the Eldar?

“Suffer not the Alien to live” credo Inquisition ordo Xenos

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross