Whispers from the Warp, Nemesis and General Ranting

Whispers from the Warp

Some time ago now the team began hearing odd noises from the packing office when no one was there, things started to go missing and then reappearing in odd places, voices in empty rooms and whispers carried on the cold air.

These voices told us of a sundering of the veil, a time when brother will slay brother and the galaxy will burn, a time when the Old War will return and the Dark Crusades will ravage the galaxy we know.

That the Codex Chaos Legions would bring the fury of the fallen Astartes to the table top along side their little cousins represented in the Codex Chaos (to be renamed Renegades) book.

Now As with all rumours I hear from these ghostly sources I take it with a pinch of salt, the phantom spoke of new plastic Havoc squads (recently introduced to the sales lists), plastic Dreadnoughts, plastic cult trooper and brand new mini’s complete with Legion Specific iconography!

So with some of these rumours already ringing true and with Forge Worlds recent announcement of the Badab War book I can see a greater scheme at work behind these releases beyond simple coincidence.

Forge World revealed these bad boys!

Now they say they are up grades to make space assault marines…..I’m not so sure. They look a lot like one of my favourite Legions, namely The Iron Warriors!

Ok so I know they have Imperial symbols on them, but it’s not too much of a leap of the imagination that there’s another sculpt with the Iron Skull  icon of the traitor legion and the ill fated Eight pointed star! (Tried to calm down…)

Ok calming down isn’t working! Look at these!

Check out the bobbles of doom on them shoulder pads! I love the Hours Heresy, I probably love my Heresy books more than I love my Mum….Yeah I’ OK with that.

These could easily become Traitor Astartes with some cunning Forge World sculpting or if I am wrong and they aren’t going to release Chaos version, buy them any way!

(Ok, so I might have exaggerated the paranormal activates a little. Odd things do happen but no ghostly apparitions have yet given me insight into future releases…)


Review time!

(This is the first time I’ve done this and hopefully it will go well.)

This is the latest of the Heresy Books and like all those that came before it, it is an amazing story in it own right. James Swallow must have spent some time locked in a the deepest darkest chambers at the Black Library as every page of the book is steeped in the dark wonder of a universe at war.

The Warmaster is ready to march on Terra and every World between him and the Emperor is rife with terrified whispers that he is coming to take their world next.

You find yourself getting swept up in this fear permeating every page, even once the heroes have joined the fray there is a oppressive feeling of despair of that no matter what happens the Warmaster is coming and he will win.

Along the way there are some of the most breath taking combat scenes written with such vigour that as the fighting intensifies your begin reading faster, it edge of the seat stuff that’s for sure. If there’s one thing wrong with this book is that is too short, that not a bad reflection on the story as by the end of it everything makes sense and is all concluded nicely without having to resort to Deus Ex Machanica – but I just wish the awesomeness didn’t have to end!

(I’d like to point out I had written a much more in depth review but got slapped for revealing too many details, so I have had to leave this at a fan boy rant…my next review will be much better I promise.)

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross

Dradis Contact!

Some of you will recognise this as being a Battlestar Galactica reference, this is because Battlestar Galactica is awesome (no doubt one of the best sci-fi programs recently made and one of the few remakes that actually stand alone as a beautiful space epic!) but also because the movement marker for Firestorm Armada looks suspiciously like the radar systems used by Colonial Battleships…not that this matters is AWESOME!

Now it’s been a while since I spoke about Firestorm so I want to return to the subject in style with some pictures of the brand new ships to be released by Spartan Games (the devious master minds behind the game).

First up a much appreciated to my own force the Sorylian Torpedo Gunship

Write up borrowed from Spartan them selves –

The Bombard is the first Gunship Class vessel to be rolled out for the

Sorylian Collective. The Fixed Fore weapon has a punch, but this vessel is

designed to lay down a barrage of torpedo fire from its Fixed Fore arc. A

brute of a design, the Bombard strikes at the heart of the enemy.

Squadrons range from 2-3 vessels. It is not uncommon for Sorylian Fleet

commanders to field this vessel instead of a Heavy Cruiser.

I don’t even care if I have to eat beans and bread for the rest of next month I’m buying three of these and three of the Heavy Cruisers to reinforce my Storm Zone Task Force.

Next up is one for our Terran Admirals the Terran Shield Vessel

The Paladin Shield Cruiser is one of the first in a new class of R&D

(Research & Development) Cruisers that are being rolled out amongst

Terran Alliance Fleets. Its role is a simple one: protection. With a limited set

of weaponry the vessel can protect itself, but the primary use of the

Paladin is to attach itself to other vessels and extend a 4” radius defensive

screen around itself and ships that lie within the screen. Up to 3 Shield

ships can be deployed in a Squadron.

Honestly as a fleet commander that has precious few ships with shields these beauties are pretty damn good, anything that keeps you in the fight longer get a thumbs up from me!

Last up for the new releases is the Aquan Battle Carrier

At 225 points the Manta is costly, but then again it is a massive addition to

the Aquan Prime fleet structure. Manta is a mainline fighting vessel, seen

as a replacement for the current Battleship, bringing a real punch to any

combat situation. One of the strengths of the Manta is the ability to carry

up to 9 fighter wings, which when combined with its overall improved

firepower makes the ship a potent upgrade for Aquan Fleets.

I don’t know about you but I love the hammer head design on the most recent additions to the Aquan fleet, their heavy cruiser looks pretty sinister when painted up in anything but pale white – and this bad boy looks like a space born predator! The fish men found some teeth, and I sincerely hope one of my allies brings one of these bad boys to the front lines during our up coming campaign!

Now these ships need some where to do repairs and rearm after engagements in the Storm Zone, so check out this base station.

But no station would go without proper communications relays

Or weapon platforms

I can see only good things on the horizon for the games system, I for one am hooked on the rush of fleet engagements, full broadsides and torpedo barrages!


Communiqué  ends.

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross

Blood & Oil

August Annihilation!

Every three months or so we unleash our regular Warmachine and Hordes players in the crucible of war!

Over the past year The Privateer Press game systems have grown steadily in popularity to the point where we can run event days and tournaments with frightening regularity. Every faction across both the Warmachine and Hordes archetypes are played in their multiples – to the point where we have people actually attempting James Bondesque espionage to get a peak at each others lists.

Instead of telling you all how busy the shop was I’ll show you.

Left to Right – Paul Brown, Stef Ashwell (Press Ganager), Chris (The Hornemister General), Jack ‘disaster’ Shenton

Front to back – Lee JR, Lee SR, WIll the unpronounceable!

I thought one of Stef’s Trolls had escaped…but no apparently its just Girl Friend (Haha she’s know I’m joking)

One of the Armies was a straight stand out and if we had been awarding best painted this I think would have been the clear winner.

Sonny’s Winter Circle army.

After some milling around, arguing between myself and our part timer and local Press Ganger (oddly enough the same person) about the logistics of point scoring, fist round draws and mostly who was going to buy lunch. We got going!

I was playing this time round and I took to the table against my good friend and previous tournament winner Chris (the Hornemister General), it was a close run thing with me epicly failing to pull of a turn to assassination run (due in the main to my dice misbehaving) – then he killed Lylyth with his caster who was only on six damage due to the doom I had unleashed but also had 11 focus because of the souls I had fed to him with due to his dirty Menite abilities and the amount of infantry I had had to kill before setting up the assassination run.

Me about to lose to the Hornemister!

We stepped away from the table and watched the other games for a while, Cygnarian gun lines faced down Cryxian ‘Jack swarms while Trollbloods fought tooth and claw against Retribution Dawnguard! It was exciting to see so many people having fun, only one game ran until the time limit as our Tyrant Kurt (nick named spoony for his inability to win games) franticly rolled dice against Jon to kill his caster.

With time called and victory points added up, Kurt had won the game! After this gruelling game we broke for some lunch, as soon as everyone returned we got back the business of death dealing!



I sat down and face another good friend of mine (and winner of the wooden spoon at our event the past twice we had run it), he had brought his new Trolls with him and frankly I needed the win to claw my way back up the leader board.

With this in mind I got out the big guns, Epic Thagrosh and a beast heavy beat stick. With scenario drawn and sides deployed we both made our first advances, I set up my charges and got ready to unleash in the beast while Ben my opponent advanced into the objective zone….

The words – Rabid, Charge and oh three sixes damn – were used several times in my second turn.

With beast carving their way through Trolls I popped my feat and gave each of my beast an extra move and attack, it was brutal and bloody but he fought back! The dice gods had forsaken him at this point, he either could not hit me or inflict enough damage to take me out and the game ended with his caster being a mid day snack for one of my Shredders.

I felt a bit bad after this blatant n00b slaying but as I said I needed the points!

The other games ended well within time and the draw for the top tables delivered no surprises, Chris too the table against Sonny (the new boy who delivers the ownage), Stef against Will (another new guy who was nifty Cryx) and I ended up middle of the table playing another Chris (with Cygnar).

I wont go into detail (mainly because I have been told to play nice) but it ended in turn two with a dubious employment of Thunderhead (what? I am being nice!), this ended any chances I had at a top half finish.

Chris won his game in turn two deploying the assassination, Stef won his game with a cheeky fire continuous effect roll beating Will and leaving him third.

The dust settled and we had our winner.

1st Chris Horne (Menoth)

2nd Stef Ashwell (Trollbloods)

3rd Will (the unpronounceable – I don’t know his second name yet but I will find it out at some point) (Cryx)

I came a mighty 11 out of 16 – Don’t start I am not impressed…..

So adding this to my UK Masters results I think it’s time to try out a new Faction…Gatormen or continue with my Cryx that is the question?

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross.

Latest News

Next Apocalypse battle is this Sunday, 22/8/10 . Usual set up, 10.30 meet bring 2500 with 500 points reserves.

The show copy of The Island of Blood Warhammer starter set is now in store. Feel free to come have a look.

It’s a Dark Millennium

What do you think of when you hear these phrases?

“Everything you have been told is a lie”

“Innocence proves nothing”

“Purge the unclean”

If your looking over your shoulder or peering meekly over the top of your screen then you have clearly recognised the tag lines and to whom they belong, I talk of course about the Emperors most holy Inquisition.

A shadowy organisation with none but the Emperor himself to answer too, the right hand of Him on Earth, the Watchers and the Executioners in waiting, Heretics, Daemons and Aliens are their charges but as powerful as these individuals are – they are but one person and so in some circumstances they hand down assignments to their most trusted or most expendable Acolytes.

It is here the crux of my post can be found, I am here to talk for a while about the Dark Heresy RPG and give you some insight into how good it is.

I have been playing Dark Heresy for over a year and in that time my two main characters have faced Xenos-cultists in the depths of a sweltering Forge World, gone toe to toe with a huge criminal organisation and ripped them off for hundreds of thousands of Thrones, been ambushed by the piratical Dark Eldar and faced certain death only to scrape through alive!

If you have ever read or seen a movie and thought ‘I want me some of that!’ then this game is for you, from Assassin to Tech Adepts to Imperial Psyker there are limitless ways to play the game. Be the ultimate good guy and walk the path of the righteous forever protecting the weak and shielding the innocent or (like me) step into shadow and play the rogue. I have in the past hurled a street urchin who dared beg from me into an electrified fence to confirm my suspicion that the fence did indeed carry voltage, opened fire on a group of civilians that happened to be in the way and left a comrade to die alone.

It’s safe to say my Character is not a nice fellow and as a result has his fair share of corruption and insanity points to show for it, but that’s the beauty of the game! Play the hero or the villain, do anything to please your master or unleash hell to achive a task its all down to you, want to jump through a window and shoot a bad guy – do it!

Fantasy Flight have done an awesome job of writing the Dark Heresy range and with my RP group set to start a Rogue Trader I no doubt will have another post about the space fairing adventures ahead of us, not the mention the imminent release of Death Watch!

All I have to do now is talk Dustin into letting me come to work dressed a space pirate and I’ll be a very happy chap!

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross.