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Too much FURY!

Well I’m back again to ramble on about what ever element of war gaming is on my mind today, and today my lord the old noggin is full to the brim with miniatures, rules, dice and paint schemes. What has gotten me into this complete frenzy? Well as you will know from my previous Blogs I am a huge fan boy for Privateer Press, its not just the models or the game system but their whole view to the hobby that has me infatuated, they look at their game the same way we do but they get to say “Oh yea we made this badass!”.

Warmachine and Hordes Mark II brought us so many awesome new shinnies to play with but its like the developers and sculptors have unleashed all their badassitude in one go and dropped an avalanche of awesomeness on us!.

Look at that! Just look not only is it a Warbeast that could rip you in half with out breaking a sweat but he’s carrying a dirty great bolt thrower! Now I’m bias I am a Legion player but honestly have you seen a more down right brutal looking lump of pewter?

But it dosent end there oh no.

It’s a huge pig with a cannon on its back! How amazing is that! Ok I want to speak with the man or woman that thought this up, I mean the meeting must have been crazy.

“What shall we make next?”

“A pig for the Farrow?”

“What kind of pig?”

“One with a huge cannon on its back?”

“…….Make it happen!”

Seriously I want that job I have loads of off the wall ideas how about a heavy war beast that is based on a Moth with critical consume clothes? No not a fan ok I’ve got more!

Don’t like my Moth idea well then heres a Troll with a bigger gun than that pig! Seriously much more awesome and I will have to put a age restriction on this post, the main point of this blog entry is to highlight the amazing job Privateer Press is doing not only with the games system but also with the quality of the miniatures being produced.

Now some of you will buy the minis for their rules and epic table top ownage but I will be personally be buying at least the Warcaster GunBjorn (pictured above) simply because I want to paint him….need to paint him.

Penned by your Glorious Overlord – Ross

The New Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition (Ed) FAQs and Errata

Here are all the latest 2010 FAQs and Errata for 8th edition in pdf format;

Beastmen – FAQ_Beastmen_2010 pdf

Bretonnia – FAQ_Bretonnia_2010 pdf

Daemons of ChaosFAQ_Daemons of Chaos_2010 pdf

Dark ElvesFAQ_DarkElves_2010 pdf

DwarfsFAQ_Dwarfs_2010 pdf

EmpireFAQ_Empire_2010 pdf

High ElvesFAQ_HighElves_2010 pdf

LizardmenFAQ_Lizardmen_2010 pdf

Ogre Kingdoms FAQ_OgreKingdoms_2010 pdf

Orcs and GoblinsFAQ_OrcsGoblins_2010 pdf

SkavenFAQ_Skaven_2010 pdf

Tomb Kings FAQ_TombKings_2010 pdf

Vampire Counts FAQ_VampireCounts 2010 pdf

Warriors of Chaos FAQ_WarriorsofChaos_2010 pdf

Wood Elves FAQ_WoodElves_2010 pdf

The Warhamer Rulebook 2010 8th edition is in stock!

Taken by Storm!

The shop recently has been rocked by the arrival of yet another new gaming heavy weight! Courtesy of Spartan Games both Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada have claimed their place upon our shelves.

Firestorm Armada is set in the distant future, man has gone out into the stars and they discovered they are not alone, the reptilian Sorylian Collective and the Aquan Prime count themselves as allies to the humans. But all has not been peaceful and the wayward cousins once part of the Human alliance but still bloody from the conflict for independence the Dindrenzi Federation, besides them the shadowy corperation know as the Directorate and the arachnid Relthoza.

The battle lines have been drawn and an entire sector of inhabited space has become no mans land, it is in this Storm Zone the shops campaign is set – each faction has its own agenda alongside the overall objectives. Each side will have an Admiral who will act has the leadership but should they fail in their duty they may well find their commands falling on comms malfunctions or broken up by special anomalies.

Over the next few weeks the ship yards of Leicester will be working night and day to have our fleets combat ready and once battle begins it will only be a matter of time before the fate of the sector is sealed.

Too your ships my fellow Captains, bring me a tally of victory or die well in your causes name. I hope to see you in the Storm zone , brace for impact this will be an entertaining ride.

Penned by your Glorious Overlord Ross