Don’t forget we are staying open late tonight for a Modern mtg Tournament

Commander EDH next week.

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MTG Legacy

Every Tuesday. Starts at 7pm £1.00 entry. Beginners welcome.

MTG Draft – Every Sunday.

£10.00 for 3 boosters plus one prize pool booster. Starts at 11.30 am.


Vanguard Tournament – Every Sunday

Scroll down for info on D&D, 40k and Magic.


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Over Christmas and New Years we will be closed for a few days.

Tuesday 24th open 11am til 4 pm

25th until Friday 27th closed.

Sat 28th til Mon 30th open as usual.

Tues 31st open 11am til 4pm

Wednesday 1st 2014 closed

Thursday 2nd onwards back to normal.

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Our number 1 selling product of 2012 the Tyrant Army Figure Case is back in stock.

I thought rather then me explaining why it’s our best seller I trawled the internet and found reviews our customers had left instead.


Tyrant Review

Kingmaker Review


 Tyrant review on the Privateer Press Forums 

tyrant review shot








Review by (Faeit 212)

Tabletop Tyrant is a company that makes cases that are affordable, easy to use, and durable. I had the opportunity to take a look at the three cases, including the most popular Tyrant.

The first thing I noticed is that the canvas is durable, the straps and clasps are strong. There are three different cases that Tabletop Tyrant makes, with both the Tyrant and the Dreadnought being customizable with different tray selections. The online build a case is very easy to use, and takes only a few moments do.

The Kingmaker holds 4 trays, and sells for around $45USD or £28.70. With 4 standard infantry trays, it easily holds 144 models.

The Tyrant holds a large amount of models, and I can see it easily holding 1500pts or more of 40k. The top/side loading makes it easy to get in and out of, and I can see this being the staple of a gamers cases for his army. It holds up to 8 standard trays, but of course this case is large enough for the vehicle trays, and in the video I have 2 large vehicle trays in the case, alongside two standard infantry. The Tyrant retails for around $65 USD or £41.00.

The Dreadnought is the same size as the Tyrant, is very similar with the exception that it is armoured for extra protection and comes with extra pockets along the outside and a nice full sized pocket on the inside (that fits hardcover codices just perfect. The Dreadnought is currently selling around $108USD or £65.

The number one thing that will make you take a good look at these cases is the price. Literally for just over a $100 USD you can get yourself a Tyrant and a Kingmaker. One to hold your larger models, and the other to hold your infantry. The construction is solid, and I think that if you are looking for a case, that these should be on your list to take a look at.

Below is an overview of the company and their cases, including word that they are working on a new 4 layer case that will retail for £20.00.


Review from Pins of War

Review – Tabletop Tyrant Kingmaker Figure Case

November 2, 2013

Tabletop Tyrant Kingmaker Case

Tired of hauling around your miniatures in cardboard or plastic boxes?

I know I was. Enter the figure cases from Tabletop Tyrant, available over at Gifts for Geeks. The case in the picture above is the Kingmaker case from Tabletop Tyrant, which is the smaller (or “half-sized”) case for £28.70 (around US$ 45,-), configured however you like it.

#1 – Build Your Own Kingmaker Figure Case

Kingmaker Figure Case Configuration

For me, the biggest obstacle I usually come across trying to decide on what case I want, and how to configure it, is that most online shops I see make it fiendishly hard (for first-time customers at least) to figure out online how cases and foam go together.

Not so Tabletop Tyrant. They got a very cool, dead simple little tool on their website that lets you fill up your figure case with different foam options. That tool alone makes Tabletop Tyrant a contender IMO. Also, one set of foam trays is included in the price!

#2 – The Tabletop Kingmaker Figure Case

Kingmaker Figure Case for Miniatures with FoamAs said, the Kingmaker is smaller than Tabletop Tyrant’s Tyrant case (!). The Kingmaker hold about 4 layers of infantry foam instead of 8 for the Tyrant. That is still more than enough for an average 1500 point Warhammer 40k army  or a 50 – 80 point Warmachine force.

For me personally, it’s a great way to store my “smaller” games such as DreadBall or X-Wing.

The case opens on the top and comes with more straps and handles than you could ever need. It’s obviously not a hard case, so it may not be the figure case for packing miniatures for air travel. What I liked about it, however, is how lightweight the case is.

#3 – The Foam Trays

The Kingmaker Figure Case by Tabletop Tyrant

I mostly filled the case with infantry and “”pick & plug” foam trays. The latter (see above) is really essential for storing more oddly shaped miniatures, as you can plug out the little foam boxes to create custom trays that fit your personal collection.

For a foam tray for X-Wing miniatures, as above, I would recommend using the 35mm deep pick & plug foam. I also have the thinner 28mm foam, which is great for infantry models “lying down”.

For more 3-dimensional models, the 35mm really add much-needed depth to make sure the miniatures – such as the Tie Fighter – are completely inside the foam.

Tabletop Tyrant

The (28mm depth) infantry tray works perfect for my (smaller) Mantic DreadBall miniatures. The size of the pre-cut slots for miniatures may be a bit tight for larger, more elaborate HQ-style figures, especially those “heroic-scale” miniatures from Games Workshop.

The Chaos Sorcerer above doesn’t fully fit in. Again, it’s probably a good idea to mix standard infantry foam trays with pick & plug foam trays for the more unwieldy miniatures.

Not to mention the specialized foam trays for Tanks, Cavalry, etc.. .

#4 – Verdict

Not much I can add.

For less than the cost of a Warhammer 40K Codex, I’m now able to store and transport most of my “side-game” miniatures collection (which admittedly has been “sidelining” my GW-hobby for a few months now) in one conveniently sized, well-made and super-light-weight figure case.

I love the way the foam allows me to match the interiour layout to my miniatures collections. I know there are foam variants out there that are custom-cut to things like X-Wing Miniatures, but they never seem to have exactly the layout that I need. Flexibility makes this one the winner!

The only thing to look out for, especially for storing larger GW models or 35mm Miniatures (Kingdom Death!) is that the slots in the infantry foam tray may be on the small side.

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Click the link below if you would like to enter for free.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Lots of events coming up

Friday 12 th 4pm Modern FNM £3 entry
Friday 12th 7 pm Standard FNM £3 entry
Saturday 00.01 Am m14 Sealed deck Pre-release £19.50 for 6 boosters and entry
Saturday 11.00 Am m14Sealed deck Pre-release £19.50 for 6 boosters and entry
Saturday 7 pm m14 Sealed deck Pre-release £19.50 for 6 boosters and entry
Sunday 11 Am m14 2 headed giant Pre-release £19.50 for 6 boosters and entry

Sign up to play on our facebook event;

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Important Information Regarding Our Opening Times

Due to staff going on annual leave our retail store will be closed for a few days in June.

Wednesday 5th of June closed after 5.30pm

Thursday 6th closed all day

Sunday 9th closed all day

Tuesday 11th June closed after 5.30pm

Thursday 13th of June closed all day

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We have a busy weekend coming;

Friday 4pm Start Modern FNM £3 entry
Friday 7pm Start Standard FNM £3 entry

After our FNMs we then have
27/4/13 @ 00.00 (Midnight) Pre-release. £19.50 for entry and 6 boosters. Sealed Deck Event

27/4/13 @ 11.00 am Pre-release. £19.50 for entry and 6 boosters. Sealed Deck Event

27/4/13 @ 19.00 (7pm) Pre-release. £19.50 for entry and 6 boosters. Sealed Deck Event

28/4/13 @11.00 am Pre-release. £19.50 for entry and 6 boosters. Two Headed Giant Sealed Deck Event

For all events you have 45 mins to build your deck.

We have 18 of each Guild box available. If you pay in advance you get to reserve your guild. Otherwise you can save a place for one of the above events by posting here.

If you do not pay in advance your ticket will be saved until 5 minutes before the tournament begins.

To buy your ticket please visit our retail store or email us at

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We unbox the new Tau empire XV88 Broadside Battlesuit and discusses what’s on the new sprue.

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As a Tau player since their release in 2001 I have enjoyed seeing their evolution, both as an Empire and as a playable force, and this release was a successful continuation for both.

To show off the new advances in Tau technology, here are some unboxing videos (my first time doing these – quite enjoyed, though plenty to learn I am sure.)

NB – both videos are currently undergoing stabilisation on Youtube so the shakes will be reduced in the near future

Sun Shark / Razor Shark dual flyer kit

Riptide Battlesuit kit:

And here are some images of the kits built:

NB – the Riptide is missing his Shield Generator as I will be doing a slight alteration that requires it to be painted seperately

I will have them painted up shortly, of that I have no doubt! So watch out for that and my review of each FoC slot coming soon.

April 8, 2013 by Fenriryan

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